Chowpatty – Street Food of India

Chowpatty is India’s answer to the Pacific Northwest’s passion of healthy snack-food purchased from street vendors and eaten on the go.  In this class we will use Chat-patta spices to create such portable treats  as aloo-chaat, bhel-poori and bhajia, which are commonly eaten during the day along with a cool glass of lassi or a cup of spicy chai.   Most of the dishes are vegetarian and are made using rice and lentils and rice and lentil flours.

This is a single class, 3 hours in length (from 6:00p to 9:00p). The class is interactive and limited to 6 people. The cost of the class is $50 per person.

Dates for this class:
August 14, 2012

To reserve your space, click on class calendar, click on the date. Fill and submit RSVP form.

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