Vision of the Salephant

Only a few wild animals symbolize the heart and soul of a region.  Elephants in India and the salmon of the Pacific Northwest supported economies, cultures and human self-identities.  In India, the elephant is a symbol of power, patience, wisdom, success, prosperity, and benevolence. In the southern state of Kerala, elephants are an integral part of daily life and are loved, revered, groomed and given a prestigious place in the state’s culture as well as being the state’s emblem.

Think of the Northwest, and salmon comes to mind.  Salmon bestow significant economic and nutritional benefits on human culture and both have survived together to this day.

The Salephant represents the fusion of the two cultures.

The influence of diet on lifestyle – a traditional healthy Indian meal consists of grains, vegetables and for coastal communities an abundance of fresh fish.

The diet and lifestyle of the Northwest reflects many traditions found in the culture and cuisine of India.  The connection between a healthy lifestyle, whether it is enjoying the great benefits of outdoor activities and a diet consisting of foods that are fresh and grown locally.

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