Sharing a Lifelong Passion

For as long as I can remember, the food of the Indian subcontinent has been my passion.  As a small child in Pakistan, each week’s high point was a trip to the local spice market with my father.  There, surrounded by colorful mounds of chillies and saffron, cinnamon and cloves, turmeric and peppers, I learned how these beautiful, aromatic spices can literally transform ordinary grains, fruits and vegetables into tantalizing, healthful dishes.

Wherever my life and work have taken me – to Japan, England, and the United States – I have found ways to indulge my love of preparing and teaching about Indian foods, often for groups that share two of my other loves, land conservation and cross-country skiing.

Early in 2009 I decided to begin offering a regular series of small, intimate cooking classes in Portland.  Thus was Masala born. A year later, I opened a booth at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, where I serve Indian breakfast food every Saturday, May through October.  Join me for a class or visit Masala at the Market.

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