Portuguese Goa

Picture white sand beaches, swaying palms, sparkling waters and bougainvillea- scented breezes and you have the western Indian state of Goa.  Here, East meets West in a cuisine whose Hindu origins are melded with 400 years of Portuguese colonialism.  Local cooks use seafood and pork combined with coconut, palm vinegar and chillies to create dishes such as Vindaloo, Sorpotel and Carfeal.  In this class we will prepare dishes using fresh fish and seafood, eaten as the locals do with rice.

This is a single class, 3 hours in length (from 6:00p to 9:00p). The class is interactive and limited to 6 people. The cost of the class is $50 per person.

Dates for this class:
June 12, 2012
July 12, 2012
August 28, 2012

To reserve your space, click on class calendar, choose the date. Click on your chosen date, fill out and submit the RSVP form.

Or sign up via email at sophie@masalanw.com or click here: EMAIL

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