Unique class at Rustic Lodge-May 19, 2013

IMG_1937Sunday, May 19, 2013 Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class at the Mazama Lodge -(Gluten free)
The rustic and beautiful Mazama Lodge, nestled at the foot of Mt. Hood, will be the setting for a unique culinary adventure on Saturday, May 19, 2013:a vegetarian cooking class featuring dishes from the Indian subcontinent. I hope you will join me as, together, we prepare and enjoy an authentic Indian meal.

Upon your arrival, we will gather around the majestic open log fire, sipping mango lassi and munching on spicy lentil fritters, you will learn how culture and religion play an important role in the amazing diversity of Indian cuisine. We will then start preparing a selection of tasty, authentic vegetarian dishes. The focus will be on ingredients that are fresh and in season. You will learn to make Poriyal, tender, sugar-snap peas, stir-fried with popping seeds, lentils and garnished with fresh coconut. Paneer Kofta, creamy Indian cottage cheese koftas in a delicate mushroom sauce; Fragrant Buttered Greens, tender young greens, braised gently with spices, and steamed aromatic brown rice. For desert, you will learn how to make Shrikhand, a delicate dish of creamy yogurt, slightly sweet, fragranced with crushed cardamom and hints of saffron.

The per-person cost is $65 and includes 3 hours of cooking instruction, printed easy-to-follow recipes, descriptions of spices, and a sit down dinner. Space is limited to 10 participants.

Sign up via email at sophie@masalanw.com or click here: EMAIL

The Mazama Lodge offers cozy and rustic accomodation to make a reservation go to their website www.mazamas.org, and click on the Mazama Lodge tab.

Gather together a group of friends and join me for this unique and memorable experience.

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